Sunday, January 20, 2008

A recipe for a Trout Graduation

Take a random date when no one would expect a grad - say January19th. Take 5 students, two of which actually recieved their high school diploma and three which tried so hard but were blocked by the nastiness of the Social Studies diploma. Take families and a community that who view this as a grand event to celebrate. Take some teachers who are very jaded and reluctant and sick and overworked. What you get is about 20 hours of decorating, a half an hour ceremony, a full fledged 12- dish community dinner with no one to really organize it and then clean up.

The Grad was a lot of fun, the graduates looked great and I am glad that it is over. It is time to focus on other things such as final exams, report cards and next semesters courses. I really hope that this week I do not have to stay at school until 10:00 each night to get everything I need to get done completed before taking off this weekend. Maybe a good suggestion would be to get off of facebook, my blog and other asundry internet activities and get to work. First on the agenda, trying to decide what we are going to do tomorrow. I know what I want to do - take a holiday but unfortunately that is not an option.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year

OK it is already the 13th and the New Year is slowly turning old. The stresses of last year have already caught up to us all but nontheless, this is my New Year blog and the first entry in 2008.

So at my New Year's "party" - 4 girls playing the slowest game of Skipbo EVER and then looking on the Internet together at profiles for my fictional boyfriend - I stated that my New Year's resolution was to continue to be the wonderful person that I already am. Well, I am slowly being shown that maybe I am not so wonderful and that there are a few things that need to change.

A few days later, I recieved conviction number one. I went out for coffee with one of my mentors and former Bible study leader extrodinaire. As always, she asked how my devotional life is going. I admitted that perhaps it needed a little tweaking. I do my devotions as a duty not as a desire. I would like to change it back to a desire, a time filled with meaning.

So as always, meaningful devotions lead to conviction number two. I decided to reread Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Chapter Two is called "Problem" and the conclusion is that "I am the problem." No it doesn't state in the text, "Jen you are the problem," but it comes to the conclusion that all of us are broken and in that brokenness are the problem. You know, the whole sin nature thing. So I did some major reflection on that today in my journal. I am feeling rather brave because I am going to put some excerpts in this entry. Here goes . . . Ok I started typing it but I guess that I don't want to be that transparent. Just know that God is working on my selfishness and self sufficiency once again. He is reminding me that I am not the centre of the world.

So I thought that maybe my New Year's resolution would be to cook great meals in my new pots on my new stove but I guess that God had more in mind. I should also mention that I resolved not to lie to my students re: the whole boyfriend thing. Lies tend to snowball and cause avalanches of untruths. I could see that that particular lie would cause more and more lies to more and more people. All in all, not a good idea but kind of fun to think about.

So any other New Year's resolutions out there? Have you broken them already?