Sunday, March 25, 2007


I am falling asleep and waking up to the sound of drops dripping off of the snow on my roof. Spring has sprung and I can not quite remember a spring like this. We have had three days of melting and there is still snow everywhere. The banks are still waist high. Snow and mud. I finally went for a walk today and realized my butt is still sore from my sports injury last week.

Spring feels wierd this year. I am not welcoming it with open heart and arms. I almost resent the extra hours of sunlight (we have more sunlight then darkness now). The cold and darkness matched my solitude and lonliness. It justified sitting in front of the TV and doing nothing. Now that there is light, I feel like I have to do things and be sociable. And I kind of want that but there is no one to do things with or be sociable with. The brightness just illuminates my despondancy.

So in two weeks I will be home and I can't wait. Two weeks from today I will be singing about the ressurection and seeing new life in a new family member (I hope for my pregnant sister's sake). And I hope that by celebrating the ressurection of Christ that it will resurrect my life as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My sports adventure

This weekend was the annual teacher funspiel for teachers in High Prairie. So two rookie teachers and rookie curlers and myself took off to have some fun and exercise. We had had a team of four but do to illness we were cut down to three.

But the thing about curling is that it is kind of an equalizer. Flukes can work to our advantage. We ended up third out of 5 teams - not to shabby. We lost two games, one one game and tied another game. But flukes were our strategy. So much so that at the end of one game - after one of my most flukey shots, I stated to my team members, "So I guess we tied that one." They replied, "Ah no Jen our fearsome skip. Because you knocked their rock out of the house we scored two points." (If they were using curlingese, they might have said "We were lying two." but remember we are all rookies on our team).

So once again, I had a great time at the funspiel. And once again, I am sore and I never even swept that much, since I was skipping. But maybe the soreness has to do with the fact that I landed on my tailbone in game 2. You know the commercial with the lady shopping in a grocery store and she starts falling with her legs and arms both in the air and the grocery clerk throws paper towels under her. Well that was me with out the paper towels. And man did it ever hurt.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jesus's tomb

So Jesus's tomb was discovered with Jesus's bones in it. OK I didn't watch James Cameron's documentary but I did see a few general synopsises (synopsi?) and wanted to know what the response in Christian circles was. I did see one response on TV that was cringe worthy. Something about "them" not being able to prove who Nicole Anna Smith's baby was so how could we believe the genetic evidence from the Jesus family tomb. I wondered, is this the best arguement we have? So today I was glad to stumble on to this article in Scientific American which gave a much more rounded view and may let us argue more intelligently by looking at the statistic calculations. The best sentence in the article -

"Such a calculation assumes all kinds of things, and is highly dependent on one's starting assumptions. For instance, 'A Christian would use [the probability that Jesus is in a coffin] equals zero, because of ascension, so the discussion stops right there'."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nothing New This Week

This week was ho hum ho hum. I taught. I procrastinated. I watched a lot of TV. There was nothing new or exciting. I think that I need a little bit of a shake up- something to make me rely more on Christ, something to help me find satisfaction in Christ instead of filling my longing with Grey's Anatomy and a plethora of other TV shows. But am I going to ask for this shake up. Oh no. I am comfortable right now. Shake ups scare me. I dont like them. They are difficult. However, if I need it, it is going to come.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Injustice

Here our some pictures of the leak at my school. It is -20 degrees Celsius outside and the ceiling still leaks. A GREAT learning environment. You may notice the water pooling in the flourescent light cover but what is missing is the water dripping through the smoke detector. Could this be why the fire alarm went off Saturday afternoon.
Hey I finally get to stop being principal this week. Yeah!!! (This should definitely improve the learning environment)