Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Res

Ok so last year my New Years resolution was for change and relearning how to smile with my eyes. Done and done. I am smeyezing (Top Model speak for smiling with your eyes), although their is still a shadow of grief behind the emerging crowsfeet. Although I have left Trout Lake, I still think of my friends there often and remember bits of the heartbreak that I saw. Sometimes the pieces of the continual heartbreak still reach me here.

So what does this year have in store? Do I have new resolutions? Well yes. I resolve to live life fully - to not say No to something unless it is a conflict of time, immoral or illegal. Ok I will still say No because I don't want to be a door mat but I won't let fear or other insecurities hold me back.

This really is a continuation of some of the things I have been doing since September but I am going to be even MORE intentional about it.

So this week . . .
  • i went to bible study to play games and watch Canada lose at the World Juniors :( even though I felt insecure about walking up to a house alone and not knowing the owners. I knew my Bible study folks inside but still was unsure about going.
  • i went to listen to the leader of the Wild Rose Alliance with my roomie and heard what she had to say about the political state of Alberta. Like all politicians she didn''t really say much of anything. But then again, I would really like to hear provincial politicians say the following, "We will throw an infinite amount of money at education so that all classes can be just over 20 kids each and you, yes you, the girl writing this blog, are guaranteed a contract next year and if you ever have trouble finding a job come talk to me personally and I will make sure that I find a position that is suitable for you."

Yep that person would have my vote for sure. But since the Wildrose Alliance is all libertanian and small government, I don't think that I am going to hear that from them.