Monday, October 19, 2009

Making Friends

Life is good so let me give a little review - a bit of summary.

Trout Revisited - I took a personal day to take one of my Trout students to the airport so that he could start his adventure with Katimavik - a canada youth volunteer program. It was his first time in an airplane - didn't realize that it would be a big jet. Actually, it was his first time in a real airport. He asked me if the Edmonton airport was opened everyday. He never realized that an airport can be a hub, a portal to many different places. I explained to him that Edmonton airport was actually small compared to other places. Oh the things that he will learn.

Thanksgiving - I went to a Friend's farm in Unity SK. It was so nice not to have to drive 7 plus hours for family turkey dinner. We played games, watched the Riders win, ate, ate some more, explored Unity and took the combine for a joy ride. Yep, I drove a combine from the middle of the field to the edge. I have never had such an expense piece of equipment under my control.

In General - Life is really good right now. I have some stress but in general I also have a feeling of hope, joy and contentment that I had gradually lost over the past few years. I feel that slowly my soul and spirit are being built up again. I joined choir. I am trying yoga. I am coaching junior volleyball. I have people inviting me for outings with other people. I was even double booked on Saturday night and had to decide which event I wanted to attend - movie with small group, or dinner and movie with teachers. I feel like I am back after a long Trout Lake slumber.