Wednesday, November 12, 2008


There is white stuff on the ground. It is perfect snow man making snow. So today I and a friend made a snowpeople family. It was fun to go outside in the warm winter weather and play. If onlyI had a river that I could skate away on. I am reading this to my friend as I type it. She says, "You have a river!! and a lake!!" However, I know that the river is not frozen and I am scared that the ice on the lake is not thinck enough. However, it is perfect skating weather.

Tonight one of my fellow teachers hosted a Schindler's List viewing for our junior and senior high students. I forgot how powerful that movie is. At the end, Schindler bemoans the fact that he did not save more people. "My car. Why did I keep my car? That is another 4 people. This ring, that is another 3 people. I wasted so much money." OK that is not a direct quote but you get the idea. I was very moved by that sentiment and wondered if there would ever be a day where I would bemoan the fact that I wasted my resources and squandered them away instead of using them for good. How many people would my closet of clothes feed? How many people would my car feed? How many people could I impact with the amount of time that I watch TV? My guilty conscience is getting after me.

So I am going to assauge it by watching TV. I wonder if "So you think you can dance Canada is still on?"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Driving in my car

I know that it is rather foolish but I went to Peace river again on Sunday to learn about relationships. It was very interesting to learn that the structure of our relationships and social institutions mirror and reflect the structure of the trinity. I found that it led me to worship God with awe and wonder.

But I digress.

So Sunday I drove 2.5 hours to Peace River and 2.5 hours back to Trout. Not so bad in itself. Yesterday though, I had to hop back into my car and drive to Peace River again for a math meeting and today I drove back. THat is 10 hours in total. I could be in Lethbridge by now. I wish I were in Lethbridge right now.

I need some hugs.