Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Holy Punch to the Stomach

At Breakforth this year, I picked up a devotional from Kay Arthur on Leadership. I started using it just as my principal broke her hip and I had to take over. It has offered some encouragement and some conviction. As I was starting my position it asked, "Have you been thrown into a postition of leadership that you felt unprepared for?" Ummm yes.

So lately I have been stressed about the uncertainty of next year . Will I be principal or teacher? With they get a good principal in, someone that leads and that I could follow? So today I read the story about Saul and David in the cave. Saul is taking a dump and David's followers say, "Hey man this is your chance. God has delivered Saul into your hands. Go for it." Instead David cuts off a piece of Saul's outer garment and states that it is not his job to kill God's annointed.

Well this whole passage was a bit of a wake up call. David was willing to be patient for God to work and to put David in his rightful place. It reminded me that I must too be patient while others make decisions that are out of my control. It is not as if I am dying to hear that I am principal. I just want to hear either way what is happening next year. But God pretty much screamed at me . . . "PATIENCE MY CHILD."

Then the follow up punch - a question that asked, "How do you react when you are under an incompotent leader? when you think that you could do a better job? This is when I had to repent and pray for a proper attitude to the leadership next year - to be a partner and offer my expertise instead of holing up in my classroom and refusing to engage.

I need to lead where ever God places me. And I need to be patient and wait for God to reveal what that placement is. I hate being patient.

Sunday, June 08, 2008


I applied for the principalship next year at Kateri school. The next day was a horrid day and I regretted it - kind of. I am really not sure what I want. I dream about being in the office and I dream about being back in class. I am definitely torn.

Writing a resume is always a good exercise. I remember back in university that I had a kick ass resume. Maybe it was because I kept on switching jobs (summer to school year and then back again). But I also had a lot of volunteer/leadership opportunities: church involvement, literacy volunteering, choir etc. It was always a task to pare down my resume to the ideal highlights and try to keep it to two pages.

My resume has been reduced to a one pager. Partly it is because I have been in one job for 4 plus years now. The list of responsibilities under that job is still kick ass though. I have done a lot of great things here and have had many amazing opportunities. However, my life has also been reduced to one page, one dimension - school. That is all I have. No church involvement, no other volunteer opportunities. Everything I do is for the school.

This isn't a complaint. It is a an observation of my place in life right now. Hopefully this summer I can expand my horizons, add some new dimensions to my life. Maybe take one month off from school.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


The summer is almost upon us. Normally at this time, I have my days plotted out. This year, I have no idea what the two months will bring - hopefully a lot of hugs and sleeping. I know I am going camping with my former coworkers. But what else? Will I visit my tree planting friend? Will I make it to a folk fest? Will I do any professional development? Will I come back to Trout super early to ready the school for the fall? Will I go to the mountains? Will I go visit relatives? Will I help my brother in law renvate his house? Any ideas or suggestions.