Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Return from the roller coaster

I obviously have not updated for awhile. I couldn't tear my fingers off of the sides of my roller coaster life long enough to type. I was holding on, trying to hold in the screams. I am at a flatter section right now. Time to inhale, exhale and loosen my grip (or maybe get a grip). I know that I was looking for change in my new years wishes but this in not the change that I was looking for. Maybe something more permanant and less up, down, twisty turvy, upside down.

But lets continue on the path of gratitude because I do have much to be grateful for. For a few weeks, I needed to surround myself with people that believed in me and that loved me. It was such a privelege to be in the middle of the flood of support that came my way - phone calls, e-mails, facebook messages (is there a word for that yet), presents, time. In an effort to surround myself with support, I also discovered the joys of ROCK BAND. Oh yeah!!! So thank you all of those who love me. I love you too.

I also went on a bit of an Alberta ramble. I was presenting at a conference in Calgary and the amazing planners put it on a Monday and Tuesday. So I left the middle of nowhere on Friday and was able to spend many days in civilization. I rediscovered the joys of shopping and coffee shops and conversation with friends. Thanks cousin for letting me crash at your place.

I even wandered down to Lethbridge. Made it to church on Sunday morning to the delight of my nieces. Their delight, delights me. Sunday brunch with the family delights me.

Then there was the conference in Calgary. First I was staying at the Hilton and then I was wined and dined by my employer and a publiching company. It was so nice to feel appreciated. I did feel a little out of my element. I thought someone had stolen my suitcase at the Hilton as I was arranging my valet parking. But no!! The staff had taken it up to my room for me. Well la ti da. I didn't have to shovel out my parking space before I parked.

Then was the Alberta room mate tour. Stayed with a Bible college friend and her family on Tueday night and on Wednesday night I visited my Bible college room mate and then my university room mate. It was so nice to reaquaint with long lost friends.

The ramble culminated with a three night stay in Edmonton with another friend for teacher's convention. Again I rediscovered shopping and movie theaters and restaurants.

So here is to friends spread near and far who are and will continue to be a part of my life. Thanks for all your love and support even when I ignore you for days, years, months, decades. Here is to God, who keeps us all together and gives us continual common ground and connection.

As for the rollercoaster. I am not sure if I am off it yet. The track is smooth for now. I am sure that there will be more ups and more downs to come.