Saturday, July 14, 2012


It's been over two years and today I just felt like writing - a way of expressing my joy and my journey.  I am not sure how often I will write but I do feel like I have a burning today, for the past few days actually and it is time to give into it.

So what prompted this burning?  I just had a birthday and as my birthday approached, I started to have a bit of a pity party.  "I am alone, far from my family, all my friends are busy and can't celebrate with me.  No one is going to surprise me with cake and a dinner out.  This is going to be a horrible birthday without anything of significance happening.  Wa wa wa."

To get out of my doldrums I asked myself, "Child what can you do to make this birthday a significant one for you and others?  Instead of looking to be blessed, how can you be the blessing?"  The questioned rolled into the corners of my mind as I contemplated possibilities of giving money to a charity as a birthday gift to myself.  But what charity?  How much money?  How can I make this even more significant?

The morning of my special day, I woke up to multiple notifications on my phone telling me of all my friends that had already wished me blessings on my day.  My doldrums and self pity disappeared as I remembered, I AM BLESSED!!!  I have a multitude of family, friends and acquaintances who love me.  I have a great job that pays well and satisfies my longing to help.  I AM BLESSED and need to pass that blessing on.

So I made a pledge on facebook that I would donate $5 dollars for every person who sent a  birthday greeting via any technology to a cause that is close to my heart - clean water.  I used charitywater to facilitate my giving and used Facebook (and my birthday) as a platform to raise awareness about water issues and the joys of giving.  In 3 days, I have almost reached my goal.

I did have misgivings about announcing my giving on Facebook.  You know the whole, "Do not let your right hand know what the left is doing" thing.  But I pray that instead of glorifying myself and unselfishness, I inspire others to see the possible ways that they can give back and that a community of givers is established.

In the end, my birthday was a GREAT day.  I had coffee with a friend in the morning (I brought the coffee and some garden strawberries I stole from a friend - another way of blessing others), and my room mate cooked me supper in the evening.  No I wasn't surprised with cake but I was surprised with some apple fritter donuts which is just as good.  More importantly, I made a small change in the world and possibly started a new birthday tradition.