Saturday, March 27, 2010

On the edges of town

This year I have joined the community choir. I and about 20 other people get together once a week to sing. I am one of the youngest singers. Sometimes I feel like I am part of the Young at Heart choir. Very entertaining documentary. But I digress.

Currently we are preparing for our spring concert. We are doing a war theme with songs from World War 1, WW2 and the 60s and other war type songs. As part of the sping concert, various group members do small group performances.

I was asked to join a trio with two grandmas. We are going to be the Andrews sisters and sing "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (with anyone else but me) while dressed in grass skirts and other Hawaian paraphanalia. Apparently the Andrews sisters performed at Pearl Harbour. I did not come up with the concept. But I am digressing again.

Wednesday was our first rehearsal. I recieved directions to one of the grandma's houses on the outskirts of town. I thought that I had a vaque idea where this place was - but it turns out that I had no idea at all.

1. First I am from the Prairies. If someone lives by the lake - there is only one lake to choose from with only one community on it. Here, there are multiple lakes with multiple communities - Vezazaue Beach, Pelican Narrows, Bville Beach and others. I swear that I hit them all.

2. Second, I swore that she told me to turn after the big flag and the tourist information booth but apparently she told me to turn after the golf course. Regardless, Bville Beach road is not labelled and as it turns out I was on the wrong road in the first place.

3. I am a city girl that does not do well with country road directions. Telling me to veer right at the green sign with white writing before the road turns to go into Bville Beach doesn't really work for me. Especially when I am not sure where Bville Beach is and when most signs are green with white writing.

4. The cell phone is not very helpful on the edge of town when, as you are trying to finding out where you are and where you should be going, it loses reception completely.

5. I hadn't filled up on gas before leaving town (it was supposed to be a quick trip) and my gas tank was slowly approaching empty.

After 45 minutes, I did find the house. I think that it was the longest record for finding that house. Even though I didn't feel much like singing afterwards, practice did go well.

I am pleased to report that it only took me 10 minutes to get home :(.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Me the athlete

Comments from strangers have been encouraging me to keep up my blogging so hear goes. . . an exploration of trying new things.

This fall I took up volleyball. Now you must understand that I am super unathletic. I played volleyball until I reached Grade 8 in a small school where everyone made the team and I still spent a significant time on the bench. I blame my slow reflexes on learning volleyball using a balloon and the back of our coach as the net. My family would say that I was pretty quick at swatting that balloon away from the book that I was reading. They are right. I was really more part of the net then a participant of the game.

However, since I am in a new place, I took up volleyball after meeting the team leader at a community booth during the fall sign up for sports and other things. My team was a great team. They did not get frustrated at my inability to set, block or spike. I can bump and underhand serve. That was the extent of my skills.

This weekend, we had our closing tournament. On Saturday, we played 7 different volleyball matches. It was tiring and yet so satisfying. I could see my improvement of skills. Once I jumped up to block a spike and even got a piece of the ball. The team sometimes even sets to me so that I can hit over the net. They place me in their line up because I have good sets for one of our major hitters. Me?!?!

So I have been inspired to continue trying new things -maybe even athletic things. Let's see I could try serving overhand, throwing a ball (my dad would appreciate it if I threw like a girl instead of like a baby) or swinging a golf club without inducing laughter from spectators at seeing the little white ball land less than a foot away. Yes it is possible to suck that badly.

What comes next? That is something that I too would like to know.